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Det norske MS-forbundet sendte I torsdags flgende brev til European MS-federation og International MS-federation.

N er informasjonen om vr norskeHST kamp for alvor kommunisert uten for Norge.


Dear all,

Just to let you know that our Board has awarded Hanna Vesterager the annual Norwegian MS Prize. Hanna has struggled for many years to obtain autologous stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for her MS. She was allowed HSCT in 2011 in Stockholm, at that time unable to work, now back in business full time. Please see a translation of the Board?s reasoning below.

HSCT is a hot topic in Norway right now. Many Norwegians travel abroad for HSCT. Our competence center in Bergen

is trying to establish a research based treatment option for 25 persons a year.

Hanna has given individuals, the academic community and the MS- association in Norway knowledge about the international experience with this treatment. Through her open struggle for autologous stem cell transplant, she has personalized all patients who struggle to get this type of treatment, while there is little knowledge in Norway about this. Hanna applied to have her stem cell treatment paid by the Norwegian health authorities. This was rejected and Hanna paid her own treatment. After she had completed her stem cell transplant, she sued the Norwegian state to be reimbursed for her treatment costs. She won in the first court, but the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court declined. The MS- association thanks Hanna for her tireless struggle for the Norwegian MS-patients to get access to autologous stem cell transplant. "

Kind regards

Olav Frde

Information manager

MS Society of Norway

22 47 79 94 / 414 612 06


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