The MS- award 2015

MS-forbundet tildeler meg prisen for min kamp for at norske multippel sklerose-pasienter skal f tilbud om autolog stamcelletransplantasjon.

Jeg ble overrasket og glad da jeg mottok denne beskjeden.

Det er hyggelig f en formell annerkjennelse av min innsats for denne saken og jeg er fornyd med at vi er mange som jobber for dette n.

The text

This is stated by the general secretary of the MS-association, Mona Enstad, on behalf of the Board.

After referral from a Norwegian neurologist Hanna Vesterager had autologous stem cell transplant performed at Karolinska sjukhuset in Stockholm in 2011.

At this time she was on sick leave, today she is back in fulltime work. Here is the Board's decision: "

Hanna has given individuals, the academic community and the MS- association in Norway knowledge about the international experience with this treatment. Through her open struggle for autologous stemcell transplant, she has personalized all patients who struggle to get this type of treatment, while there is little knowledge in Norway about this. Hanna applied to have her stemcell treatment paid by the Norwegian healt-authorities. This was rejected and Hanna paid her own treatment. After she had completed her stemcell transplant, she sued the Norwegian state to be reimbursed for her treatment costs. She won in the first court, but the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court declined. The MS- association thanks Hanna for her tireless struggle for the Norwegian MS-patients to get access to autologous stem cell transplant. "

The MS-award was instituted in 2004 by the MS- association board and is a statuette by the Dutch artist Corrie van Niekerk Ammerlaan. The MS-award will be awarded Hanna at the MS- association inspiration conference in Lillestrm, November 7.


Here is the MS- association?s press release about HSCT:

Stem cell transplantation for MS must be established in 2016 In 2016 research-based stem cell therapy for people with multiple sclerosis must be established.

This is especially important for those who have no good effect of the current preventive medications.

The treatment costs of autologous stem cell transplant is 550,000 NKR. A year of preventive medication costs 200000 NKR.

This cost will continue as long as the patient has a relapsing disease.

A majority of those who receive stemcell transplantation, no longer need preventive treatment.

Stemcell transplantation for MS thereby provides significant savings for the state and improved quality of life for the patient.

More than 50 Norwegian MS patients have been treated abroad and paid for it themselves. Some mortgaged their homes. Fundraising is conducted several places in the Norway in order to raise money for the treatment.

The MS- association is impressed by the commitment and generosity, but these are tasks our health care system should solve - not the individual.

The experts at Haukeland University Hospital are ready to offer the treatment to 25 MS patients annually, while they do research on the treatment and results.

Health politicians must seize the opportunity now and make sure this is not stranded due to capacity and economy.

The expenses will be earned in a few years, and give Norwegian MS patients new hope.

Mona Enstad, Secretary General of the MS- association

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Fortjent! 💜

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Velfortjent anerkjennelse 👍

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Congratulations! Well deserved for spreading the word.

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